Building Partners

FMC is happy to host the following organizations and their programs.

Colorado Circles for Change

Transforming Youth & Communities

CCFC’s mission is to create a pathway for our youth to discover sacred relationships with self, family, and community, to reduce juvenile violence and incarceration so that youth can reach their full potential.

CCFC works to end the school to prison pipeline, the criminalization of youth of color, systemic violence and racism, to break generational cycles of trauma, and to heal and empower the next generation of leaders. They provide multiple restorative justice and leadership development programs for youth across Denver.

Denver Children’s Choir

The Harmony of Children

DCC’s mission is to inspire and unite children from diverse backgrounds by fostering harmony in music and in life.

The Denver Children’s Choir is nearly 400 voices ages 7-18 who represent the diverse population of Denver singing in harmony together.  Since 1996 the Choir has intentionally and persistently sought Denver children from all walks of life to be a part of its program: children from different cultures, races and religions; children who speak different languages and children from different Denver neighborhoods; children who, if not for the Choir, would not have known each other.

Through a partnership with Denver Public Schools, the DCC provides music education in select schools around Denver.  Then through the Denver Neighborhood Program, the Choir provides after-school programs in five Denver Neighborhoods – northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest and central Denver.


See the Face of God in the City

DOOR is a faith-based network of cities that provides opportunities for service, learning, and leadership development within the urban context. We host volunteers for a weekend to a year and include opportunities for individuals and groups. These programs are Dwell (one year), Discover (one week/ weekend), and Discern (summer leader).

DOOR is an opportunity to encounter the city through the eyes, ears, and heart of God. We are dedicated to providing high quality, life-changing experiences for our participants, staff, board members, and the people in the communities where we are established. We do this by providing or creating opportunities for people to see the humanity in all through education, genuine relationships, theological reflection, sacred space, community engagement, and transformative leadership.