New 2017 FMC Board:  Tom Bishop, Eric Boschmann, Cindy Eby, Jon Moyer, Barb Stutzman

Former Leadership Council:

Norm DewhurstChair: Norm Dewhurst

The Chair Coordinates the work of the Leadership Council of First Mennonite Church and serves as a liaison between the First Mennonite Church staff and the Leadership Council.  The chair serves as the chair of First Mennonite Church.


Cindy EbyVice Chair: Cindy Eby

The Vice Chair assists the Leadership Council Chair in coordinating the work of the Leadership Council in preparation for assuming the role of  Chair.


AnitaChildren and Youth Faith Formation Commission:Anita Miller

The Coordinator of Children and Youth Faith Formation works together with the pastoral staff and other members of the Children and Youth Commission  to educate First Mennonite’s children and youth  in the way of Anabaptist living and invite them  to be Christ followers in adulthood.



Matt BaronFacilities Commission: Matt Baron

The Coordinator of Facilities is responsible for the efficient operation, maintenance and safekeeping  of all buildings, grounds and equipment.



Angie NofzigerFellowship Commission: Angie Nofziger

The Coordinator of Fellowship serves as a liaison between the  pastors and the committees and the  individuals that make up the Fellowship Commission. The Fellowship Commission is responsible for programs and activities that build our church community  through creating a comfortable and hospitable environment where all people have opportunities to get to know each other and feel welcome.


2015 Richard WyseFinance Commission: Richard Wyse

The Coordinator of Finance is to exercise fiscal responsibility for the financial business of First Mennonite Church ensuring that expenditures do not exceed FMC resources and serve as treasurer of this nonprofit corporation.



arlenMember at Large: Arlen Hershberger

The Member at Large represents the broad interests of the congregation at the Leadership Council.  The Member at Large attends a variety of  events and functions of the church, and, with neutrality,  both listens to and observes the attendees with the intention of getting a sense of the mood of the church body.


2015 Sept Emily G. croppedNurture Commission: Emily Gingerich

The Coordinator of Nurture serves as a liaison between the  pastors and the committees and the  individuals that make up the Nurture Commission.  The Nurture Commission creates programs and activities that meet personal and family emotional, physical and spiritual care needs within the church community by offering support, encouragement, and emotional, physical and spiritual growth opportunities.


Outreach Commission:

The Coordinator of Outreach works with the pastoral staff to facilitate FMC’s vision with regard to outreach  functions at local, national and global level.


ron-olson-2Pastoral Partners: Ron Olson

The Pastoral Partners help identify congregational needs and strengths,  joining the pastoral staff in formulating vision and direction for congregational life.  The Pastoral Partners may aid in communication between the pastoral staff and the congregation and/or initiate or recommend special emphases or projects which enhance congregational life.  The Pastoral Partners are supportive of the pastors and serve in a pastor-to-the pastors role.


Worship Commission

The Coordinator of Worship works with the pastoral staff to plan and conduct both regular and special worship services for the First Mennonite Church community.



Tory Doerksen, Pastor of Children and Youth Faith Formation

Theda Good, Pastor of Nurture and Fellowship


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