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2014 12 21



The Nativity Scene
December 21, 2014
For First Mennonite Church

copyright Tory Doerksen

Matthew 1:18-25 - The Nativity Scene:

Children who bring people together.
Parents who are not expecting a surprise.
Adoptive parents and caretakers, who fulfill the role of parenting with so much grace and love and faithfulness.
Innkeepers who donít lecture or scold, but still find a way to house those stretched by the demands of empireÖ.  and the limits of economies.
Wise men who ignore paranoid politicians and follow God-given dreams.  Who dare to find eternal hope in places outside of government buildings and cathedrals.
The work force, who hear messages from God amidst their long work week. 
Hard workers who realize when itís a special occasion and when to stop everything to celebrate the moment.  Who hear God and listen.

The beauty of our Nativity scene is a group of strangers coming together for the sake of a child, and the dream and future that this child represents. 
We have a dream in this Messiah that we commit ourselves to - 
 A dream he lived and died to show us and teach us.
We have similar dreams for our children, that we continue to live and die for Ė showing and teaching and sharing with them.

We have dreams for ourselves Ė
 Dreams that dare us to be with strangers.
 Dreams that dare us to take in the parentless, and to help all parents in the challenge of parenthood.  That dare us to be an unlikely village of otherwise strangers.
 Dreams that dare us to parent when we are unprepared.  Young, inexperienced, unexpecting.
 Dreams that dare us to provide more than our nation and government can.
 Dreams that dare us to include a place for everyone when our economy cannot.
 Dreams that dare us to speak with leaders and tell them the children are coming, that the children are coming and God is with them.
 Dreams that dare us to follow stars and signs and symbols wherever they may take us Ė beyond the capital and beyond the skyscrapers and beyond the cathedrals.
 Dreams that dare us to disobey, for the sake of the children.
 Dreams that dare us to look for a child. 
 Dreams that dare us to give hope to new mothers.
 Dreams that dare us to see the grandest future in the simplest settings.

Holy Spirit Dreams, when meager beginnings are all that are needed.
Holy Spirit Dreams, when strangers join together.
Holy Spirit Dreams, when nothing can stop Godís continuing hope. 

Godís eternal hope.

Godís repeating hope in our children, and in all of us.

May we all dream.  Not of candy canes and sugar plum fairies and presents under the tree, but of hope. 
May we dream that everyone has a place in the future, no matter who they are! 
May we dream that God is with us.  That God is with us all.  Immanuel Ė God with us.

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