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First Mennonite Church of Denver
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Worship  this Sunday, October 26

9:30 AM
This Sunday, Vern will conclude the series using I Thessalonians as a Biblical partner for reflections about community, love, and courage. We will also be hearing from several of our congregational grant recipients about their lovely service work. Aimee Voth Siebert will lead worship. Emily Martin, Tory Doerksen, and Vern Rempel will provide instrumental music. This service is a practice in self-care, care for others, spiritual formation. Come sing, pray, and reflect together.

Sunday evening at First Mennonite 5:00 PM Potluck: 6:00-6:30 PM Worship. Kids home by 7 PM!
Each week, until the last Sunday before Christmas, there will be a potluck and worship time on Sunday evenings.
This service is a blend of some of the best of the church retreat, the Blues Prayers service, and a happy family reunion  - come rest, hang-out with others, let kids find kids, and participate in a bit of encouraging worship as well. This service is a great small community-building time for all ages young and old. 


Check out our online classroom for Peace School at fmcdenverfaithformation.weebly.com